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  • Bayside Stone Constructions specialises in all types of stone work including retaining walls, front entries, paving & feature walls. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship with our wide range experience to complete your development to the highest standard.

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    Bayside Stone Construction recent projects

    Dromana Granite BBQ

    Marriott Waters Estate, Lyndhurst

    Contract - Warrina Landscapes Landscape Architects - GBLA Landscape Architects.

    Gabion Baskets

    Highlands Estate, Craigieburn

    Castlemaine sandstone


    Pillar entry

    Bridge Culvert finished

    Alliance Business Park, Epping

    Landscape architects - CDA. Civil Contractors - Symon Brothers

    Basalt Field Stone

    Essence Estate

    Contract through Programmed. Landscape Architect Smec Urban

    Castlemaine sand stone


    Landscape Contractor: Unique Landscape Solutions.

  • About Us

    About Bayside Stone Construction

    Over 25 years experience

    We specialize in various projects ranging from large scale commercial works in new estates such as entry walls, bridge culverts, retaining walls and paving or private residences including stone pillars, entry's, pools, chimneys and fireplaces.


    We work closely with architects, builders, landscape contractors, developers, councils or home owners to achieve the perfect project.

    Expert Stonemasons

    We specialize in natural stone quarried from all over Australia. We have a team of stonemasons that work with all types of stone and an extensive range of specialized stone-cutting tools and machinery.


    We use quality product for each job specializing in Casltemaine sand stone, Wistow bluestone, Dromana granite and Coldstream spalls.

    Melbourne based

    We complete projects all over Victoria.


    We are committed to sourcing the highest quality stone available and we are experts in mortar joint and dry stack stonework.

    At Bayside Stone Construction every project is as important as the last, we will work with you to achieve the best results for your project.

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